BRAZIL by William Lytle Schurz


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Brazil is perhaps the most important of the South American countries in the eyes of the average U. S. citizen, but how little actually we know about it! Recently, the creation of Brasilia, virtually from nothing, as the new capital, has dramatized modern Brazil. We know that her coffee is vital to her economy- important to ours. But our knowledge is spotty. This book- while not a quicky in any sense- answers most of the questions on her history, economics, politics, government, geography, peoples, agriculture, climate, etc., etc. One gets a clear-cut sense of her industrial potential- her economic problems, her importance as an area of development and investment. Brazil's dilemma and its solution is closely linked to the American economy in general. She has ""a fund of international good will such as no other nation has"" -- and the U.S.A. must sustain this by giving her a chance to realize her destiny. This book should help towards a basic understanding, though it will appeal only to those with a sincere desire to know some of the potentials.

Pub Date: July 27th, 1961
Publisher: Dutton