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BEARD THE LION by William Manchester


by William Manchester

Pub Date: July 23rd, 1958
Publisher: Morrow/HarperCollins

A harum-scarum adventure tale involves Ben Sparks, a mild man and a pharmaceutical representative, in more than one Arabian nightmare when he is sent to the middle East- to be a foot in the Egyptian door. Attacked in New York, he is shot at, once he boards ship, and is victimized by some motley internationals:-Amen- no longer young but still an attractive woman; a cunning Egyptian, Hussain; a ruthless Englishman, Post, and the indeterminate Razzak. There is a scramble in the luggage bay; a murder (Hussein's) in his cabin; and Post and Sparks spend a long night sealed off in the Turkish baths- before Ben jumps ship, and is tagged with a murder charge. Ames, a Cypriote patriot, proves her complicity with Razzak- and Ben is still the man in the middle as he finally makes his way to Jerusalem... Some preposterous characters and improbable circumstances combine- in a burlesqued intrigue adventure.