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The story of sabotage in America, from the last war to this, naming names and giving documentary evidence from official sources, with some of the material exposed here for the first time. The first half of the book deals with physical sabotage, arson, explosions, death as weapons which have endangered the country on a wide scale -- from forest fires to shipyard sabotage, from train derailments to the scandal of the Normandle. Some of the cases are still in dispute; the authors of this text seem to have marshalled their evidence conclusively. Individuals such as Wozniak, the Firebug, Duquesne, recently rounded up by Sebold of the F B I, the Ukraine's ""Big Mouse"", Vonsiatsky, the Fascist White Russian, and others, are shown in their true light. The second part traces psychological sabotage through organizations such as the Bund, the Christian Front, the America First Committee (and they include in the picture Fish, Viereck, Laura Ingalls, Lindbergh, etc.) Hardhitting exposÉ, with plenty of controversial material and dynamite. For the Curt Riess market (though the material is not presented in Riess' consecutive, narrative style).

Pub Date: Sept. 15th, 1942
Publisher: Harper