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COME, COME TO MY CORNER by William Mayne Kirkus Star



Pub Date: March 1st, 1986
Publisher: Prentice-Hall/Simon & Schuster

In a series of escapes, Bryn, the wild hare, evades trap, fox, and hunter's gun, ignoring the vigilant raven and other birds' warning calls, and flees into the wilderness, safe for the moment. Mayne's taut narration heightens the drama of this classic chase, set among Britain's hills and dales, evoked in Lilly's lovely watercolors. His energetic line is reminiscent of Caldecott's; he draws the wildlife, especially Bryn, with the authority of close observation. Save for its unfelicitously composed title page, a beautiful book which should hold the attention of young readers while it makes them more aware of the natural world as it really is.