THE PATCHWORK CAT by William Mayne


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It looks like a picture book, sounds like an easy reader, seems (in all respects) quite British and rather ""quaint."" The protagonist is a tabby cat, who loves her patchwork quilt--""patchwork, like herself."" ""She loves her breakfast, too. She waits for it. . . Tabby goes out and greets the milkman. She loves him, too."" But, after breakfast: ""she cannot find the patchwork quilt, the matching patchwork quilt."" She traces the quilt to the garbage can, and curls up there; spends a terrifying night, as a result, in the town dump; and the next day, with an assist from the milkman, makes her way home--where the quilt is now welcome too. The full-color pictures have the kind of miniaturist detail that children do like to pour over; otherwise, it's at once extraneous and lame.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1982
Publisher: Knopf