WOLF STORY by William McCleery
Kirkus Star


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**The whole family will rock with laughter at this thoroughly amiable and delightfully funny book. If you've ever tried to tell a child a story, you will sympathise with and like the conscientious, tender young father who puts his five year old boy to bed each night with a story dictated by his son and his son's friend. Sundays on the beach, trips in the car -- there springs eternal that request felt so deeply parents -- ""Tell me a story"". And William McCleery's variations on an old theme, who escaped the clutches of the wily wolf (but a hen named Rainbow and a wolf named Waldo) make this a story worth telling. (In fact it ought to be a membership ticket to the Society of Story-telling Parents.) The youngest children will love it for itself, the older ones will be superior because they are not ""really"" takes in some of the slyness, and because of the genuine affection and sweetness which from the book.

Pub Date: Aug. 21st, 1947
Publisher: Knopf