WATCH BELOW by William McFee


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It's a good yarn, don't miss it,"" reports our sea scout. ""The first five and a half chapters fool you into thinking it is autobiography. But McFee delights to tell a story by indirection, so you meet Jim Barnes, junior engineer, and the balance of the story is his. He tells of the heyday of the British merchant service, of the life on a cargo steamer plying her trade in the waterways of the world. It is a typical tramp steamer; Jim and his shipmate are typical young merchant marine officers. With them and through them you share a 'Watch Below' yarning with ex- chief engineer, McFee. He calls the book a reconstruction in narrative form of the golden age of steam, when coal took the place of wind and the tramp steamers' smoke covered the seven seas'. McFee fans will like it, but it is definitely not a book for the average layman.

Publisher: Random House