THE LAST SURPRISE by William Moore


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A derivative first effort set in Washington, D.C., where Senator Warren Harmon's wife doesn't believe a mugger slit her husband's throat--and so hires tough-guy p.i. Russ McGarvey to find out who did. The Senator, it seems, was about to blow the whistle on whoever ""sold top secret information to the South Koreans""; had deciphered a clue in the inscrutable Choi's notebooks; didn't love his wife or even his mob-connected mistress; had requested certain client files from the New Horizons drug clinic; and may/may not have trusted his aide, Ben Leonard, or old friend Mark Whittington. Then the Senator is joined in death by his widow. Was she despondent, a suicide, or was she also murdered? Russ and a cadre of old Vietnam buddies crisscross the Washington landscape, sidestep a few death threats of their own, accost a few druggies, and interrogate a few South Koreans before they make the killer an offer he can't refuse--and stake out a meeting with him in the train station. . . Undistinguished, without even the glitz of insider-details.

Pub Date: April 2nd, 1990
Publisher: St. Martin's