THE KILLING TOUCH by William Murray


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Nick is one of those almost might-have-been good writers whose marriage is also showing signs of slippage when a girl is raped and stabbed to death -- one of those particularly rabid crimes which seem to recur on California beaches. He writes it up so successfully that it will become a book and then a movie although there will be much to regret along the way (his own drinking and swinging nights with a girl too good for him; his wife's submission to that fate which is no worse than if awfully close to death). Slick/quick stuff with that motel shine which you can easily read for what it is or isn't until you hit the pseudosophic coda where Nick discovers the killing touch in all of us -- it's just a misguided ""oversight."" Then you know you've been meretriciously had.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1974
Publisher: Dutton