FREEDOM OF THE MIND by William O. Douglas


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If we are to have freedom of the mind in America, we must produce a generation of men and women who will tower above the press, as well as the crowd, and make tolerance for all ideas the symbol of virtue."" This is the last line of a characteristic, strong and well constructed essay by the writingest of the Supreme Court Justices. The essay examines the various threats to intellectual freedom that have arisen in recent memory, such as loyalty oaths; the Attorney General's arbitrarily designated subversive organizations list; special local groups censoring movies; and police patrolmen empowered to decide on the literary value of various books and magazines. Not only how these things happen now but their continual appearance in recorded history is emphasized. This is a cogent discussion of a central point in democracy. The short, but fully annotated bibliography of related books will be welcomed by librarians.

Pub Date: Feb. 7th, 1963
Publisher: Doubleday