A LIVING BILL OF RIGHTS by William O. Douglas


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This should prove a useful small book on several grounds: -1) for new citizens, who should know more fully the reasons behind the emphasis on freedom in America, the contents of the Bill of Rights, how the factors involved in the Bill of Rights operate in the citizen's relations to government, what are the basic freedoms, how alive today are the ways of protecting those freedoms: 2) for citizens who have never bothered to analyze these aspects of being an American: 3) for young people at the point where they begin to question the actual differences their citizenship creates in their favor. Justice Douglas has set down the actual wording of those first ten amendments which comprise the Bill of Rights. He then proceeds- through analysis, expansion and application (in specific instances)- to demonstrate their continuing value. He examines our basic freedoms and indicates wherein the interpretation may be shading the law. And finally he challenges each one of us to make this a living factor in our relations with the underprivileged, the minority groups and those whose liberties are threatened, and to encourage the freedoms in all, to which all have right.

Publisher: Doubleday