OF MEN AND MOUNTAINS by William O. Douglas


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If you will have the patience to look behind the enormous amount of foliage here, you will come upon an amazingly clear and unselfconscious portrait of Justice Douglas. It is surprising and refreshing to find in this century a man with such a variety of vital interests outside his work and such as overwhelming wealth of information on each subject. Nearly all the aspects of natural history, from geology and botany to anthropology are a source of interest to this naturalist, fisherman, mountain climber and general outdoor man. Somewhat biographical, this deals with his boyhood in the state of Washington, his hard but successful fight to conquer the crippling effects of infantile paralysis, the other hurdles he has surmounted, these personal passages are included to illustrate his essential point and purpose the ultimate benefit of attempting the difficult task, the spiritual reward to be found in the clean test of self through adventure in the mountains.

Pub Date: April 12th, 1950
Publisher: Harper