HUNGRY NATIONS by William & Paul Paddock


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A nation is hungry because its resources are limited. In the welter of argument over foreign aid, its use and abuse, this fact is generally obscured. All the CARE in the world is merely a stop-gap against eventual starvation if means are not found in time to make two ears of corn grow where only one grows now. The Brothers Paddock have smoothly combined their broad experience in agronomy and the Foreign Service, to offer some radical (in the literal sense of going to the roots of the problem) advice to leaders of new, under-developed countries and the agencies who would, for political and/or humanistic reasons, help them. In most cases the pill will be rather bitter for both. For instances: forget about industrialization until you can feed your present population on your own; advisers from ""comfortable"" countries are too far removed from a ""backward"" nation's circumstances to be of much help; beware of importing foreign luxuries you can't support--and this includes education not geared to development of resources and public health measures which raise havoc with the population. The suggestion that foreign aid be divided into political and apolitical categories is eminently practical. This book deserves a careful reading by the general taxpaying public as well as by the above-mentioned leaders and agencies.

Pub Date: Oct. 22nd, 1964
Publisher: Little, Brown