THE GIANT by William Pene du Bois


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Another make believe story, the kind children and many adults will enjoy, displays the du Bois imagination to advantage again. In a European city that could be Paris, the author, the ""I"" of the story, notices a huge construction across the street from his small apartment and receives a threatening letter from El Muchacho y Cia telling him to move. He learns from the executive secretary of the company who explains discreetly that ""El Muchacho"" is an eight year old giant from Argentina- a real giant of a giant whose body has grown in direct proportion to the amount of food he eats. But as his character unfolds- and with it all the implications of being a giant, a young giant at that- El Muchacho turns out to be less of a terror than a charmer who sets the whole city dancing.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1954
Publisher: Viking