SQUIRREL HOTEL by William Pene duBois


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Magic of make believe once again, in a story only William Pene duBois could have told. For it's the kind of pretend that children (and many grown ups) love, pretend about how the furry creatures of the woods might live, pretend about tiny things in unique settings. Here we have a bees' orchestra (of course we know there are flea circuses, so why not a bees' orchestra?). And- on sort of teaser spread, the old man who manages the orchestra tells of another venture on which he has launched- a squirrel hotel, complete with modern improvements, well hidden, and developed to meet the special needs the squirrels themselves indicated... The story is fun, the pictures of toys and insects and animals are beguiling. One could wish the jacket was not so muted in tone. It will need duBois' name to carry over a rather depressing exterior.

Pub Date: March 7th, 1952
Publisher: Viking