TWINKLE, TWINKLE, ""KILLER"" KANE! by William Peter Blatty


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Other nonsense-ical arrangements by Mr. Blatty have attracted the talents of such as Shirley MacLaine (John Goldfarb, Please Come Home! -- 1963) but this may well be his finest hour. A wildly whimsical tour de farce, this gives a run down of the count down when our astronauts turn into astronauts and refuse to fly. The moonbeam the U.S. has placed its hopes on is one Cutshaw, irreplaceable trainee, who absolutely refuses to saddle up for our satellite because ""it might be bad for his skin!"" Crazy? or like a fox? It's up to ""The Little Flower of the Tarmac,"" Colonel Hudson L. Kane to decide--""He's just the very top psychologist in uniform... an honest-to-goodness mother image."" But is he? Or has there been just a tiny slip of the computer somewhere? Anyway Kane is soon ensconced in the inspired rest home the government has thoughtfully provided for Cutshaw and crew who do carry on. But there is a sadness to all the madness and therein lies the point. It becomes a madcap psycho-drama with some trenchant points about what can happen to civilization's intelligent guinea pigs who finally realize they are being used and to a trained ""killer"" who has killed eighty- two times too many and the loneliness of the long distance flyers and...Blatty handles it all very well.

Pub Date: Jan. 20th, 1966
Publisher: Doubleday