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The biography of the Experiment in International Living, an organization founded by Donald Watt and with headquarters now in Putney Vermont, takes the movement from its origin in Watt's mind to its present status as a thriving institution for inexpensive residential travel among the countries of the world. Briefly, the organization presents students and young people from many countries with the opportunity to go in groups to other countries of their own choosing and to live there with selected families for a summer month followed by a few weeks of hosteling with the sons and daughters of their hosts. The experience is usually exciting and enriching, at least it was for this reader when she went with the Experiment some years ago. It is interesting now to read a full history of the Experiment, to move with Donald Watt through his early years as a student and to watch an idea that grew with a religious zeal. First efforts to establish a headquarters and gather enough support for a single group met with difficulties- lack of funds, ""no's"" from doubting officials. But finally a camp was set up in Germany and slowly, representatives in France, Holland and England began to lend their services. In tracing the history, Mr. Peters also includes many of the actual experiences students themselves have had clear around the world. Essentially, the Experiment waits for a livelier interpretation to bring its value in international understanding home to more readers. This, as an authoritative study, is complete and indicative of the vast good work it has done.

Publisher: Lippincott