DOCTOR GOLF by William Price Fox


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When the duffer has reached a plateau in his golf play that allows him to admit that he cannot improve any further at the game that still obsesses him, there are two possible reactions: he can use his best clubs to poke up the fire or he can take genuine enjoyment from the occasional spoofs of golf in cartoon, essay or poetic form. This form nudges Dear Dorothy Dix right off the 19th hole as Dear Dr. Golf directs his attention to such questions as the accepted attitude toward addy-flogging (he considers it a valuable part of the game). His answer to the distraught wife of a golfer who takes his clubs to bed is a marvel of commonsense and forbearance-- a sudden rupture of this rapture would cause irreparable damage, he says. And so it goes for 105 letters of delightful athletic nonsense. The drawings by Charles Rodrigues are captionless cartoons that make their point from and add further point to) the correspondence.

Publisher: Lppincott