BATTERY MATES by William R. Cox


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Obstacles, obstacles. After 15-year-old battery mates Tommy Vaughn (c.) and Scott Nichols (p.) make the team, unattainable Cissy Vane gives Tommy the nod and Tommy's sister Jean sweet-talks diffident Scott, that still leaves twins Bobby and Cookie Vane for the two pals to contend with--on the field as hostile fellow-Trojans, in civilian life as Cissy's unfriendly brothers. The way out of this worked-up impasse is somewhat more interesting: cold-fish coach Wall's adherence to the rules, regardless, produces a reaction (says Tommy's oh-so-wise mom: ""He takes it all too seriously"") and, when he has a heart attack, a counter-reaction--gratitude for all the drilling--that keeps up the momentum to the last all-pull-together inning. Clumsy writing, obvious characters, gingerly sex, some attention-holding action.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1978
Publisher: Dodd, Mead