TALL ON THE COURT by William R. Cox


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The author of The Wild Pitch (1963, p. 117, J-51) and two other stories about sports at Harper College in Pennsylvania, now centers on a ""lonely young giant,"" Samuel Boone, age 18, height 6' 11"". Constantly subjected to teasing remarks, Sam is on the defensive almost before he steps off the bus at college. In basketball practice he trips over his large feet; in the soda joint he appears to knock over his own soda; in the dining room he accidentally pours water down someone's neck, etc. Eventually the hard-headed giant overcomes his awkwardness and learns to cope with his surplus inches. He even makes some friends in the process. Not outstanding for style or originality, the basketball chatter and action are enough to capture the sports fans.

Pub Date: April 6th, 1964
Publisher: Dodd, Mead