THE PRIMARY CAUSE by William R. Lundgren


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Air Force parlance (this is A Novel of the Men of the Strategic Air Command) when a pilot ""buys the ranch"" that means he has spread himself and his plane ver several acres of U.S. soil. The Primary Cause buys the ranch spectacularly. The days of hellcats and battle aces are gone from fiction forever. Problems today are those of morale and how to keep your wife happy while running a business-like Modern Air Force. With barely a spark of adventure and with crisp modern characters Lucky Strike prose, Mr. Lundgren spells out every unpleasant thought an Air Force wife can have. Robbie and Carolyn's marriage is cracking up and so is that of Jimmy and Tereza. One night Carolyn goes out to a bar while Robbie addresses some local businessmen She is picked up by Billy who takes her to a motel and after a scene at home, Robbie heads for Jimmie's and a long kitchen analysis with Tereza. Jimmy ends Robbie on a two-day mission, reproduced here in extensive detail, and Carolyn gets drunk and sees Billy again. Eventually, Billy buys the ranch- and so does Robbie. The ""primary cause"" would seem to be to probe the human elements behind echanical disaster; a secondary rationale- a paperback reappearance?

Publisher: Morrow