JOHN DONNE: PREACHER by William R. Mueller


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Wm. R. Mueller, Chairman of the English Department of Goucher College, has produced an interesting study of a complex personality who, in a distinguished literary ago, became the ""interpreter of God's ways to man"". John Donne was many things to many men. His talents might have led to a distinguished career as statesman or soldier. As an priest he lay no claim to sanctity nor was he a distinguished theologian. But in the he was ""as an angel speaking out of a cloud"". Donne died at the age of having seized the Church for only 16 years of his life. In this study the author draws the ""biographical curtains"" to reveal the machinations, the frustrations and the which propelled the life of a brilliant and gifted man on to the path of glory as the Royal Chaplain who stunned his hearers and imparted to them a new awareness of the Christian faith. Donne's sermons form the basis of this study and against an of these dramatic discourses the reader discovers the passions, the profound wisdom and the craftsmanship which once caused king and alike to weep to tremble and to rejoice: This is enjoyable reading with a good index, excellent and a gracefully ""eclectic"" treatment of the great bulk of the sermon material.

Publisher: Princeton University Press