THE KU KLUX KLAN by William Randel


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Like the Chalmers' study Hooded Americanism, report to follow, William Randel's history of the Invisible Empire begins with the Reconstruction Klan and takes us into the 1960's. Randol's book, however, is shorter and far less exhaustive. A significant national or state election, a new trend, a moderation in platform...these are likely to be dismissed in a couple of paragraphs as compared to a full chapter in Hooded Americanism. There is also in Mr. Chalmers' work evidence of more catholic, compendious research. Both men delve deeply into the pro-Klan literature of the Reconstruction era, the national glorification of Klansmen in Birth of A Nation, but only Mr. Chalmers juxtaposes this acceptance with a 1944 radio episode in which Superman Fights the Klan. Can there be more telling data than this! If a selection must be made, David Chalmers' work should be chosen.

Publisher: Chilton