THE SCIENCE OF SAILING by William Robinson


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This has a pre-determined market, that of the racing boat enthusiast, and its contents are all aimed towards eliminating the details that can lose a race. Examining the preliminary steps to get the boat in racing trim, the fitting out of hull, rigging and sails, the care of gadgets and hardware and how to make them contribute to the boat's best performance, precede the discussion of the new code of racing rules and their definitions. Then follows the selection and training of a crew, information about masting, rigging and tuning, wind behavior, racing starts and rounding buoys, with further material and lessons on racing to windward, downwind sailing and the longer course to victory. Center boards and rudders, pointers for lake racing, catamarans, ""boardboats"" (Sailfish and their kindred), and the case for development classes versus one-design are also considered.

Pub Date: Feb. 28th, 1960
Publisher: Scribner