DAY OF DELIVERANCE: A Book of Poems in War Time by William Rose Benet

DAY OF DELIVERANCE: A Book of Poems in War Time

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Mr. Benet well-known as poet and editor, definitely has his heart in the right place in this latest volume of about 50 poems. It is, actually, a collection of ""occasional verse"", written in the heat of indignation, horror or triumph, and inspired by contemporary events, -- Dunkerque, Tarawa, Iddice, and such outstanding moments of five years of warfare. The title poem, ""Day of Deliverance"", written at the request of the editor of the Philadelphia Enquirer, has been used widely in broadcasts by the Third Service Command. Other poems have been used by other parts of the armed services and also soon publication in a wide range of periodicals. They are warmhoarted, popular, quotable, and written in Mr. Bonet's free romantic style, and distinguished by his devotion to the cause of the United Nations and the Four Freedoms. They have little intrinsic value from the poetic standard, but are memorable for the sincerity of their patriotic emotions, a factor that is responsible for the survival of many of the best-known and best-loved poems of literature.

Publisher: Knopf