LIVING WITH PLANTS: A Book of Home Decoration and Plant Care by William S. Hawkey

LIVING WITH PLANTS: A Book of Home Decoration and Plant Care

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This book will be most useful to the very ambitious home gardener. The rest of us will probably be unwilling to enlarge our windows and scrap our furniture to maximize plant aesthetics. Hawkey treats plants as elements of design and has quite definite ideas on just which ones complement Shaker, Japanese or Danish modern furnishings. Plants are variously described as airy, majestic, spidery, sculpted, formal or billowy, and although Hawkey explains the light and humidity preferences of fern, cacti, philodendron and draceana, his real interest is in mass and shape as they relate to decorating bedroom, living room and hallway. For the average apartment dweller Hawkey's artsy arrangements of climbing vines and statuesque palms will require a high investment in special fluorescent lights, and there are a good number of suggestions here (painting Mt. Fuji on your dining room wall; creating a floor-to-ceiling garden in your broom, closet) which you will want to prune out. Those who like green things but don't really know what to do with them will get plenty of ideas even if Hawkey's projects are sometimes more imaginative than practical.

Pub Date: Aug. 30th, 1974
Publisher: Morrow