CELLULOSE: The Chemical that Grows by William S. Haynes

CELLULOSE: The Chemical that Grows

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The first volume in this publisher's planned American Industry Series, designed ""to present the non-technical history of American enterprise in terms of specific industries"", this is a straightforward documentary of the development of cellulose, natural and synthetic, and the new uses of an old material which is now the basis of several important industries. Complex and at times contrary in its chemical behavior, cellulose has been developed along many lines which have led to the discovery of photographic film, rayon and other fabrics, cellophane, lacquers and paints, plastics, and chemical cotton- as well as many minor derivative products.... A chronology in which the scientists and industrialists all play their part- and have their recognition. A school sale is anticipated- but it is difficult to isolate a too general market otherwise.

Pub Date: April 2nd, 1953
Publisher: Doubleday