THE DRAGON SHIP by William S. Rosnick
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One of the loveliest looking books of the season. Rafaello Rusoni has done exquisite pencil drawings, some reproduced in soft blacks, some in chalk red. The binding, an interesting textured cloth, has a beautiful allover design, with a viking ship as the focus. Lovely, imaginative and decorative quality to drawings throughout. The story has as background the legendary voyage of the Norsemen to colonize out. The story has an background the legendary voyage of the Norsemen to colonize the mysterious Vinland (hers assumed to be Mertha's Vineyard). Karl, the leader, has a problem on his hands, in that Freydis has come on the expedition, filled with ambition and a spirit of revenge, so that she balks him at every turn -- seizing the stone house left by Leif as her own, antagonizing the natives, and finally being responsible for the failure of the expedition by invading the sacred cave of the Algonquins and stealing the treasure. The story centers around fatherless Nils, a young nephew of Leif Eriksson, sent in her charge to the colony -- and resenting and blocking her treacheries and at the last staying behind with his Indian chum. The period is around 17 -- the details of life and customs and the early processes of democracy and justice are all well handled.

Pub Date: Oct. 5th, 1942
Publisher: Coward, McCann