CASTLES IN THE SAND by William S. Stone


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A wisp of whimsy takes young Jeremy from his New England home with two maiden aunts, to California, and his younger cousin, Martha. This small shaver's head and heart is full of Melville-and Typee-and the south seas siren- Fayaway. And once in California, the magic of his dream world becomes the reality of Pablo's Folly, the house next door, leased to a picture director and his protegee- the Polynesian Mirita who is even more beautiful than Fayaway and simple(minded) enough to respond to his vagaries of make-believe. They sail away, on the Lotus Ann-which had once been Pablo's boat- but away from shore pretense thins into reality- Mirita's love for him too- and Jeremy, a little wiser in the ways of the world as it is, returns home.... A diversion of modest proportions- but there are blithe and beguiling moments too. Rentals.

Publisher: Morrow