TWO CAME BY SEA by William S. Stone


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A tale of the South Pacific which takes a soft delight in native (and going native) pleasures but underlines the message that when the white man comes to civilize- he also corrupts. This is the story of Lestrade, a former maquisard and now a teacher, and Tissot, a governor who has lost caste, who came to the Polynesian island of Atea. There Lestrade learns the charms of indolent abandon and a love unbound by possession through Maeva, a native girl, but Tissot becomes increasingly restive in his failure to impose his authority and the white man's dream of power. It is the antagonism between the two men which incites a violence alien to this people- and Lestrade, who overcomes his impulse to kill, frees himself and the island from the ""sickness"" he has imported.... There's a halcyon quality here to make this pleasant entertainment.

Pub Date: March 18th, 1953
Publisher: Morrow