FIREMAN FLOWER by William Sanson


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Postponed from February publication, this was originally reported as follows. A collection of short stories introducing an odd and original talent, a bent which ranges from the philosophic to the symbolic, the commonplace to the unreal. The influence of Ma is manifest in these allegorical, often obscure, tales of extra-ordinary events in the remote world of conjecture and projection. There are the masochistic daydreams of a M. Fougeres who tormented himself with the adultery of his wife; the peach gardener and his unseen tenant; the attempt of two to take a strangely inhabited lighthouse; the Viennem general who was obsessed by spiders; the filibuster on a bus; the perverse phantasies of a commandant, etc. etc. The cecil, the erotic, the exaggerated in blend -- for esoteric tastes.

Publisher: Vanguard