THE WHOLE VOYALD by William Saroyan


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Saroyan's mirror for Saroyan reflects -- Saroyan, as a child, a boy, at school, beginning writing and up to the point where his children are another panel of the same mirror. The autobiographical inclusions keep pace with the ""stories"" in which writers search, parents and children find each other, neighborhood kids face a changing pattern, and the human animals is shown to have an ""inner handsomeness"". These more than twenty pieces are preceded by a big gun of an introduction in which Saroyan recaps his two decades of writing, of being a ""writing writer"" and of being unable to be commercial about it -- and it's still a wonderful world for he constantly points out that ""man is a glad animal"" even when sadness brakes in. For the taste that has been acquired.

Publisher: Little, Brown -- A.M.P.