FOR LOVE OR HONOR by William Saxon


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What's a chairperson of the SEC to do when her lover, a multibillion corporate head and buccaneering corporate raider, performs a sleight of hand on the shady side of SEC regulations? And can she ever reconcile two corporate giants--a cherished foster brother and her lover--who are battling to the death? As in Majestic Dreams (1983), Saxon joins a growing number of romance novelists who stiffen the suds with pseudo-solid info concerning the wide, wild world of moneymaking and the briefcase (rather than bulging bodice) route to the executive suite. Elizabeth, 36, offspring of deceased Czech heroes, was adopted as a baby by Hendrich Voohis, who took over New York's Schuylerkill Mills when the owner boozed, gambled, and suicided. Hendrich's son Peter became the heir, leaving his cousin Jon van Damm vowing revenge from boyhood on. While generally nice Peter cleverly expands the Schuylerkill properties, Jon bootstraps his way to the pinnacle, via wiles, brains, and even blackmail and marriage to nympho Elanore. Elizabeth will first meet Jon in California, where she's corporate counsel for a tech industry, which Jon, coiled for the spring, is about to gobble up. Elizabeth wins, but it turns out Jon wanted it that way all along: he really had his eye on Elizabeth for his own corporate mammoth IEC, and himself. The lovers are divinely happy, except for childlessness (Jon's working on a divorce) and the ongoing feud. Then Elizabeth is nominated as SEC head. Both Peter and Jon are in favor. Why? Throughout sizzling phone calls and showdowns, spilled beans, and toe-to-toe confrontations, Elizabeth will make her decision. Exec-suite gab and glamour with designer duds, classy digs and watering holes; and between gambols in the sack, forthright Wonder Girl fights for honor and the Corporate Way.

Pub Date: June 18th, 1985
Publisher: Putnam