DUCKFOOT by William Scoales


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It's ""Oh, dem golden slippers"" and ever so much brass, not to mention lead, when bounty-hunter Ian Christian, called ""Duckfoot"" for the rare three-barrel pistol in his boot, goes into the outback after mad Captain Melville's £2000 head. Duckfoot needs the money to get in on Australia's gold rush, and he certainly does earn it what with angry (or, worse, playful) aborigines, desert thirst, a flood, snipers, and the bruising affection of his giant sidekick, Swag. Add to this an uncongenial traveling party -- fancy women and their English Army escort, bound for Mount Alexander -- and rivalry with one Lieut. Westbrook (a daredevil and a sad sack, but oh a proper officer) over the beautiful Ollie. Duckfoot gets her, though he nearly gets the business from Melville instead, and when they kiss every cell in their bodies goes ""smack."" What other sound would pulp make?

Pub Date: June 21st, 1971
Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill