TEKLAB by William Shatner


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This third futuristic crime adventure by Star Trek's Shatner (TekWar, 1989; TekLords, p. 571) displays the same cardboard characterization, predictable plotting, and lackluster prose as before. Once again, private detectives Jake Cardigan and Sid Gomez tangle with the nefarious international dealers of Tek, a mind-altering electronic ""drug."" The case this time begins with a grisly murder in the style of an elusive serial killer, the Unknown Soldier, but Jake and Gomez have reason to believe it was really the work of the Tek cartels; and through a series of unlikely contrivances and convenient informants, the detectives uncover a plot that links the Tek dealers to a conspiracy (believe it or not!) to restore the banished monarchy to power in England. Along the way, Jake's son Dan, Dan's girlfriend Nancy, and Jake's ex-wife Kate get involved, and the whole family heads for a climatic conclusion aboard a luxury resort satellite, the Caribbean Colony. Shatner's future world is as generic and unconvincing as his characters, and the fast-paced action that carried the other Jake Cardigan adventures is tired and limp here. If this is where Shatner's writing career is headed, one wishes he would return to TV.

Pub Date: Dec. 11th, 1991
Page count: 224pp
Publisher: Ace/Putnam