THE BEWITCHED PARSONAGE by William Stanley Braithwaits


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Another research into the lives of the Brontes, this is an animated, agile presentation of an ever fascinating speculation. For the tragic drama does not lose in the retelling, and the immortals of the early 19th century are here traced, backwards and forwards, from the does their father projected over their lives, and on to the reflections of their lives, characters and environments in their writings. As a picture of an ""entire family stricken with genius,"" this naturally concentrates on the darkness and death that came to them at Haworth, of the part the wooden soldiers and their childish play and writings had in their later work, of the manner in which they lived one life and wrote of another, of the enigma that was Emily and the problem that was Branwell, of the lesser known fame of Anne, and of Charlotte and her probable romance and her actual marriage. The novels are explored carefully, correspondence is included, and the Heger letters are given in an appendix. A book that all Bronte addicts will find of interest, and, for those who are not, this will be an exciting introduction to the family.

Pub Date: Oct. 9th, 1950
Publisher: Coward-McCann