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DREAMS OF GLORY by William Steig


by William Steig

Pub Date: Oct. 19th, 1953
Publisher: Knopf

Steig's more-than-doodlings, which have delighted New Yorker readers who see themselves as kids reflected in his pictorial comments on the inner mind, in book form. As gift, or as book-to-leave-lying-around-the-house-or-on-the-bedside-table-to-be-picked-up-at-random this sure-fire hard-cover is a .....hmmmmmmm is a.....hmmmmmmm, yes... ah, treasure house of child-parent of kid-kid relationships of the baser sort- depicting the maited buying swain, the young lover (and we do mean young), the fugitive from justice using a handy clothesline for a means of escape- and so on ad p. 147. You know them, most of them any way, because of the 88 cartoons, only 22 have never before been in print. And you probably like them too, because they are funny.