THE POISONED IVY by William Surface


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That students are going to pot is a fairly publicized fact and all Mr. Surface is doing here is underscoring the obvious. He does claim--questionably--that the drug rebellion has it all over Civil Rights and/or Vietnam protest. He visited some seventeen campuses, mostly in the East where the joint around the corner does not mean the local pub. He interviews and quotes and one cannot help wondering how he managed to get so close to the source of his material And one could also question some of his facts, particularly When he cites as gospel the glaringly erroneous story about the three students going blind after staring at the sun on LSD. But the book will probably be a primer for Mom and Pop who will be surprised to learn that the Harvard Crimson has gone psychedelic, Yalies smoke nutmeg, catnip, pepper, etc., Radcliffe girls go for guys with good connections and Columbia and Barnard boys and girls are having a lark in needle park. He also gives a brief synopsis of the acid escalation and predicts much more to come. . . with no change in existing laws. Basically, educated guesswork.

Pub Date: May 29th, 1968
Publisher: Coward-McCann