LOG CABINS by William Swanson


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If you plan to build a log cabin, whether for camping out week-ends, and occasional use, or for seasonal residence, here is your book. Definitely a how-to-do book on building procedure, on short cuts, from the placing of logs to roofing. I found it oddly abrupt in its opening sections- with the assumption of so much basic knowledge on the part of the builder, but ultimately (cart before the horse system) all the salient facts were assembled, the author goes back to foundations (not enough about selecting sites, however), to types, suitability to need, tools, available timber, and once again foundations, and then on, step by step, to the completed job, the exterior and interior finish. There's information on building of fireplaces, on installation of water and sewerage, on furniture, care of cabin and grounds, roadway, signs, planning a swimming hole, etc. A useful book for people with some fundamental knowledge.

Pub Date: April 20th, 1948
Publisher: Macmillan