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A sharp, uncompromising and undeluded picture of Europe today and what has resulted from our investment in blood, time and money, as seen by the authors of The Stars and Stripes (Rinehart). The France of today- a France considerably less grateful than it was a year ago....our greatest investment, the dead and the cemeteries of this war. Germany- where the damage was so much greater; the Occupation, with loot, murder, rape- frequently committed by the G.I.'s -- with traditionally bad American manners in full evidence, with the black market still in operation. The question of fraternization, and now of intermarriage; the German attitude- despair, bleakness, docility in the face of superior power, but still incomprehension of democracy, and personal exoneration of guilt. The typical German home town today; the D.P.'s -- the ""world's saddest story for all time""; the German crime-largely one of negligence...This is an overall of Occupation today, aggressively critical but undoubtedly justifiable, and a necessary counterbalance to official optimism, to public indifference and apathy. Much that needs to be said- but who will read it?

Pub Date: May 8th, 1947
Publisher: Doubleday