WORLD AFLAME: The Russian-American War of 1950 by

WORLD AFLAME: The Russian-American War of 1950

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Exploiting the present political- and popular- mistrust of Russia, this is a chauvinistic, terroristic picture of a ""world aflame"" in the fifth year of the war with Russia, 1955. This covers the progress of this war- in its various theatres- (Germany, Asia, the Arctic)- to the United States where 35 million will die; the use, by both countries, of atom bombs, chemical and bacterial weapons, from virus flu to uncontrollable cancer, cholera, etc., etc. It is of course a picture of a war to end all wars, a fairly strident cry havoc which we think as harmful, as it is not- and we quote- ""prophetic"". However the publishers seem to have both conviction and confidence and are starting off with a first printing of 25,000 and major advertising.

Pub Date: May 5th, 1947
Publisher: Dial