THE ST. LAWRENCE by William Toye
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An intensive and ambitious text, this history of the St. Lawrence celebrates the inauguration of the St. Lawrence seaway. Always a controversial and vital river, the story of the conflicts that raged about it embrace much of American history as well as history of the French, British, and Indians. Running a course of 760 miles, its chronicle is one of bloodshed and now, of friendship. In his factually full account of the St. Lawrence from its discovery by the French in the sixteenth century up to the present, William Toye reveals a river which has had as its bounty human despair and human fulfillment. Illustrated with diagrams and contemporary prints and photographs, with an index and bibliography, a valuable supplement to the study of this continent to be read both in connection with the high school syllabus and independently.

Pub Date: Aug. 26th, 1959
Publisher: Walck