CAMPUS ON THE RIVER by William Van O'Connor


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While these short stories have a university background as a common denominator, it is not too strong a determinant-- they are about problems, and problem people, you might meet anywhere...The father of a defiant ten year old reaches him for the first time in his cold war against authority; a student's search for a thesis subject takes him into the personal past of a Victorian playwright-the suicide which was to prove to his second wife the negation of the love he felt for his first; a professor's self-dramatizing, scandalizing benders are explained in his attempt to get even with the world; a woman's hatred of the man she marries is synonymous with her repellent obesity; an aging Professor, long retired, even longer widowed, leaves his imprimatur as he buys a cemetery lot; etc.,etc. While never subtle in the situations they posit, or their handling, these stories make accessible and familiar common aspects of loneliness, deviation, protest. O'Connor writes easily rather than with any particular distinction.

Pub Date: Jan. 25th, 1959
Publisher: Crowell