DRY-FLY TROUT FISHING by William W. Michael


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Tap a dry-fly fisherman and you've found the aristocrat of the fraternity (or so the addicts claim). And Professor Michael is a fanatically convinced dry fly fisherman, who manages to withhold his scorn for the uninitiated while doing a first rate job of conversion in this comprehensive text on the whys and hows and wheres and whens of dry fly fishing. He discusses equipment, its care, its use; casting and retrieving, and some tricks of the sport; hooking and taking; whether to fish from the bank or from the stream; mental attitudes, etc. He intersperses his exposition with some scientific data on the fish, the waters, the chemistry, psychology, meteorology, entomology involved. He gives the reader a brief historical background of the introduction of dry fly fishing into this country. He lightens his text with anecdotes, and winds up with the ethics of the sport.

Pub Date: May 4th, 1951
ISBN: 1445510804
Publisher: McGraw