CAUGHT IN THE ACT: The True Adventures of a Divorce Detective by William W. & William Hoffer Pearce

CAUGHT IN THE ACT: The True Adventures of a Divorce Detective

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Detective Pearce describes 22 cases in which he did his damnedest to gather airtight (if often circumstantial) legal evidence to prove adultery and win his client's divorce. Not all clients want divorce and the incriminating data sometimes brings a husband and wife even closer, through forgiveness and a fresh start. Nor must the adulterer be observed in the act. The divorce detective, through a vast accumulation of evidence, often shows the judge that there is simply nothing else the accused could have been doing for six hours in the dark motel room from which the happy shouts and moanings were filling the hallways or night air--the carefully transcribed ""Oh, hen! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh my God! OHHH!"" heard by the detective and his corroborating assistant. Bumper beepers, a dozen surveillance devices, and some moronically simple tricks are described in action. Pearce includes a brief handbook on how to avoid detection of your own adultery. Casually sensational and, who knows, maybe even helpful if you have an infidelity problem of one sort or another.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1976
Publisher: Stein & Day