BLOODBATH by William Wingate


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A bloodbath indeed: it's full-gore ahead when the CIA gets inside info on a coordinated attack involving three main bands of international terrorists who plan to kidnap the Secretary of State while he is visiting Johannesburg; they also are planning two other raids that will converge with all their hostages in Uganda, where Premier Obama Okan (read Idi Amin) will welcome them while a $100 million ransom is set up. The CIA needs someone to take out Okan (they already are aware of an uprising to be led by a rival Ugandan faction), and so they settle on the greatest assassin they know: the Bulgarian Yazov, killer extraordinary, who has defected from the KGB and other services and is now being offered a new U.S. identity. Though Yazov would rather just retire, he is soon being stalked and shot at by the KGB (gunplay in Idaho and N.Y.); so he agrees to work for the CIA and flies to Entebbe with Kruger, a quiet CIA homosexual who has a yen for Yazov. Then: those three terrorist commando raids go into motion, various hotels turn into bloodbaths, the Secretary is kidnapped, and the other raids fail. Yazov tries to kill Okan with a missile but gets the wrong car while the KGB gets Kruger but misses Yazov; and the pilot of the hijacked plane full of terrorists finally crashes--deliberately--into a helicopter carrying Okan. Blood, blood, blood--enough for the most action-hungry readers; and Yazov is a slightly more appealing anti-hero than usually found in such kill-fests.

Pub Date: March 21st, 1980
Publisher: St. Martin's