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K by William Wiser



Pub Date: Jan. 8th, 1970
Publisher: Doubleday

A partial retrospective of the life of K, a painter in Greenwich Village before it became Other directed -- i.e. the Village of the White Horse Tavern and Julius' and a smaller hangout called The 7 Arts. K appears dying in the first chapter with a reprise in the last which still does not clarify what he was saying nor his particular outsized attraction for his claque: his common-law wife, Marion; Myer, who runs a paint shop and has supported him with no discernible reward; Sharon, his daughter, who goes past the point of no return and is seen in a small hospital, pumped full of shock; Bronson, a sculptor, who more or less loved her; Mrs. Swanson, an elderly woman immobilized in the elegance of the past and a wheelchair: etc., etc. Mr. Wiser's view of the scene is accomplished in set scenes which have a certain abrasive, representational vitality but the reader is never more than a spectator unless perhaps he is sufficiently knowledgeable to extend the initial into a name. . . an uneducated guess.