THE IMAGE by William Wister Haines


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William Wister Haines has been around for some time so that this is a businesslike novel about big business Barkle Motors and Elgin Barkle at the controls wants its image projected in a documentary movie. Hired to do the job is one Rex Daylin and he doesn't want to make a ""pretty picture with no shadows."" As he makes his rounds of the Barkles the shadows lengthen: particularly obscured is Elgin's wife who was an alcoholic; daughter Cynthia who is too much her father's girl; and brother Pete, the brains behind Barkle, with his mechanical dummy Papoose which Elgin is anxious to sell to the government even though it is still bugged and there's a competitor's superior model available. . . . If you want to read this kind of a story it is perfectly all right but like Papoose, it belongs in the UNIVACuum of today's commercial technological world.

Pub Date: May 27th, 1968
Publisher: Simon & Schuster