HOW TO THINK OF CHRIST by Williams Adams Brown
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The manuscript of this book was found upon the desk of this distinguished theologian and churchman after his death last year. With very little editing by some of his colleagues it has now been published posthumously. In a sense this is the crowning effort of Dr. Brown's long career as a teacher and as an author. For this is the first of his more than a score of published volumes which deals directly and exclusively with the focal point of all of his teaching and writing, the personality of Jesus the Christ. Dr. Brown was a liberal Protestant theologian who has probably influenced the thinking of more ministers of that school of thought than any other scholar in America. And yet, Dr. Brown was never a secluded scholastic; he had a first-hand knowledge of the work of the church in local parishes, in the mission field and in the broader areas of cooperative endeavor which have now come to be called ""the ecumenical movement."" This study of the meaning and significance of the Christ is illustrative of the guiding principles which have been evident in all of Dr. Brown's teaching and writing. His point of view is that of a liberal scholar, accepting the proved findings of modern science and Biblical scholarship. And yet his emphasis is evangelical, positive, constructive. He is careful to point out the permanent values inherent in thought forms now outrooted. He is anxious that we have our present thinking about Christ based not on theoretical abstractions and philosophical abstractions but on the experience of men who accept Christ as the Son of the living God and act on that belief. Ministers, and thoughtful laymen as well as theologians, will not wish to miss this study of what Christ has meant to men and what he can mean today.

Publisher: Scribner