THE CHEMICAL FRONT by Williams Haynes


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The author of This Chemical Age does another sound, dramatic popularization of chemistry, history, discovery, and development of vital products and synthetice for all phases of warfare. The new Canadian-discovered explosive which is 40% stronger than TNT: plastic for ship and plane building -- even for musical instruments: smokeless gunpowder: smoke screens: incendiaries: gases (for a game not worth the candle): the sulfa drugs against infection; serums and vaccines: plasma: atabrine: pyrethrum, the flun killer; rubber -- and the political bungle of huna: oil; dehydrated foods; nylon -- a wide range of things new and only half familiar. Incisive information on the great contributions of chemistry and blochemistry which will be of equal value in time of peace.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1943
Publisher: Knopf